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We believe we have a unique tool to share with you that will help you review your business in a comprehensive and structured way and give you real insight across 25 disciplines of running a business. It takes around 20 minutes to complete the assessment of 68 questions which require your instinctive responses.

After the assessment, and making your payment  you will get a PDF report showing your business strengths to build on and the areas that to focus on improving. 

Additionally, included in the price, you can book, at your convenience, a 15 minute session with one of our expert coaches who will help you improve the 1,2 or 3 things that can make the biggest and quickest impact to help your business be better.

Rest assured that the responses you give and the assessment produced are completely confidential. 

If you are ready we will now guide you through a few steps to get your Business DNA Diagnostic review underway. Firstly we will need to collect some personal details from you – not many, just sufficient to identify you , tailor the report to your business, and to make sure we can get the results to you and to create the 15 minute coaching session in your e-diary.

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For £99 + VAT you will receive 10 valuable benefits including:

  • A full assessment report (see sample)
  • 15 mins coaching with a skilled business coach

“Our top 3 leadership tiers all completed the Cneqt DNA Diagnostic. We gained fantastic insights into our different and common views of the company, and a real call to action to address our lowest rated areas”
The Claims Consortium Group