Building on Cneqt, an existing L&D consultancy business, during the second half of 2017 we have worked with a Marketing and IT partner to advance the Cneqt DNA Diagnostic proposition.  Further products that can be used by General Management consultants and Learning and Development consultants will be launched from February 2018 onwards.

"Our top 3 leadership tiers all completed the Business DNA Diagnostic and had a half day workshop reviewing the assessment reports. We gained fantastic insights into our different and common views of the company, and a real call to action to address our lowest rated areas."
MD, Insurance Claims Management Company, South West UK (Claims Consortium Group)
"The Cneqt DNA Diagnostic review highlights gaps in my clients financial plans and thinking, that have been overlooked or ignored for too long."

The Founders

Greg, Caroline, David and Tim have crossed paths over the last 20 years without ever really working closely together. After starting in Financial Services they have all spent much of the last decade helping businesses of all sizes and industry backgrounds improve performance and are now hoping to share their experiences to help you make your business more successful.


Our DNA Diagnostic pioneer, Greg, created the DNA Diagnostic in 2016. In his work as a business catalyst Greg was invited by clients to help resolve issues which were ultimately symptoms of wider and more fundamental organisational hotspots. He built a tool to provide a structured, end to end review of small to medium sized businesses to provide a reliable holistic business health check.

With years of experience running businesses both as a buyer and provider of services, and with a core skill of making complex things simple, Greg aims to provide easy to access business diagnostics combined with practical help to improve, for all UK businesses - especially the millions of small businesses and start ups that form the bedrock of the UK economy.

The prototype diagnostic was so well received by clients and other business consultants that Greg invested in improving the IT support, and presentation quality.

When the Cneqt team came across the diagnostic they shared the vision, saw the gap in the consultancy market and the commercial opportunity and offered their support to make the DNA Diagnostic a commercial tool.

"I’ve been a business consultant for many years and use the Cneqt DNA Diagnostic with my own clients. It helps me have structured, focused conversations that review a business end to end"
Nic Sproul and Partners

The Cneqt DNA Diagnostic

The diagnostic tool has at its heart the concept that all successful businesses need to continuously balance and manage 8 key elements which are made up of 25 disciplines. In effect that is 25 plates to be kept spinning and 25 areas of expertise most businesses don’t have. With 68 questions to be answered instinctively and honestly in 15 - 20 minutes we believe we offer a great solution to help you review where you are, identify and solve challenges, and assist you in taking your business up to the next level.

What areas of your business will the Cneqt DNA Diagnostic cover?

The Journey

  • Business ambition
  • Value proposition
  • 3 - 5 year business plan

The Numbers

  • Financial Plans
  • Working Capital
  • Budgets

The Market

  • Target Markets
  • Target Clients
  • Sales and Marketing plans

The Logistics

  • Infrastructure
  • Team Mobilisation
  • Systems and Processes
  • Partners and alliances

The Team

  • People Resources (numbers)
  • Skills
  • Culture and behaviours
  • Performance
  • Personal Effectiveness

Keeping Fresh

  • Feedback Loops
  • Change Management
  • Innovation


  • Measures
  • Risk Management
  • Governance


  • Future Success


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