How much better could your business be?

When you are working hard to make your business successful it is vital take a time out and review where you are in all aspects of the business.

The Cneqt DNA Diagnostic does exactly that and provides you with valuable insights into your businesses key strengths and improvement areas.

Generate compelling consultancy conversations

Grow earning potential by 3 – 5 days per client using our unique business diagnostic.

If you are a consultant, or thinking of setting up a new venture,  and have been looking for new ways to engage and support your own clients,  the CNEQTDNA Diagnostic may be the answer.  Help your clients gain insight into their strengths and areas to improve. Using both individual or using our team based reports help build long term coaching and support strategies to enable your clients and you to succeed.

The CNEQT DNA Diagnostic


Are you clear what your business is about and where you are going?

“I’ve been a business consultant for many years and use the Cneqt DNA Diagnostic with my own clients. It helps me have structured, focused conversations that review a business end to end. My own clients enjoy doing the assessment too and it creates excellent conversations”.
Nic Sproul and Partners


Will you make adequate returns and have sufficient capital and cash flow?

“The Cneqt DNA Diagnostic review highlights gaps in my clients  financial plans and thinking, that have been overlooked or ignored for too long. It is a powerful insight tool that has helped with quick improvements”.


Who are you aiming your offerings at and how well are you marketing yourself?

“As a tech start up that’s been started for 2 years and is looking for our big breakthrough the Cneqt DNA Diagnostic was quick and simple to do and really helped us focus on some new areas. Now they have been tightened up our business is really moving forward quickly”.


Is the business set up to perform efficiently and effectively?

“As a start up business I took the Cneqt DNA Diagnostic to check that I had all bases covered. It highlighted a number of areas that I’ve had to put extra work into to bring them up to scratch, and that will benefit me in the future”.
Flood Assist


Have you the right people in the right place at the right time doing the right things?

“I was one of the Future Leaders Group in our 1000+ person organisation who used the Cneqt DNA Diagnostic to assess our capability and knowledge for running a P&L business. It has been invaluable in helping me develop an action plan to fill gaps in my skillset”.
The NPS Group


Are you getting feedback on how you are doing and changing things?

“Our top 3 leadership tiers all completed the Cneqt DNA Diagnostic and had a half day workshop reviewing the assessment reports. We gained fantastic insights into our different and common views of the company, and a real call to action to address our lowest rated areas”.
The Claims Consortium Group


How are you doing right now, and making sure you’re compliant?

“My business coach introduced me to the Cneqt DNA Diagnostic and as an experienced P&L manager of a £10m turnover business I was amazed at just how many areas I need to focus on to do a great, rather than good job. I feel a far more rounded leader with this extra insight”.
The Gelder Group


Are you adequately anticipating future trends?

“As a MD joining a new company the Cneqt DNA Diagnostic was a fantastic in helping me assess the positioning of the company and determine priority actions future and present”.
Oliver Przybysz


Want a simple and effective diagnostic tool... that will help you to identify areas for improving your clients business?