How much better could your business be?

When you are working hard to make your business successful it is vital to take a time out and review where you are in all aspects of the business.

The Cneqt DNA Diagnostic does exactly that and provides you with valuable insights into your businesses key strengths and improvement areas.

Generate compelling consultancy conversations

Grow earning potential by 3 – 5 days per client using our unique business diagnostic.

If you are a consultant, or thinking of setting up a new venture,  and have been looking for new ways to engage and support your own clients,  the CNEQTDNA Diagnostic may be the answer.  Help your clients gain insight into their strengths and areas to improve. Using both individual or using our team based reports help build long term coaching and support strategies to enable your clients and you to succeed.

How our CNEQT DNA Diagnostic can help you

Our unique diagnostic will help you to review all aspects of your business by asking you a series of carefully crafted questions covering THE 25 KEY DISCIPLINES that every business large or small needs to manage carefully.It will take around 20 minutes to complete and will give you some great insights into your business.

Once you have completed the DNA diagnostic you can purchase your business assessment for £99+ VAT

Included in this price is a full diagnostic report and the added opportunity to book an optional15-minute consultation with one of our expert coaches.

What areas of your business will Cneqt DNA Diagnostic cover

The Journey

  • Business ambition
  • Value proposition
  • 3 - 5 year business plan

The Numbers

  • Financial Plans
  • Working Capital
  • Budgets

The Market

  • Target Markets
  • Target Clients
  • Sales and Marketing plans

The Logistics

  • Infrastructure
  • Team Mobilisation
  • Systems and Processes
  • Partners and alliances

The Team

  • People Resources (numbers)
  • Skills
  • Culture and behaviours
  • Performance
  • Personal Effectiveness

Keeping Fresh

  • Feedback Loops
  • Change Management
  • Innovation


  • Measures
  • Risk Management
  • Governance


  • Future Success

The Cneqt DNA Diagnostic

The diagnostic has at its heart the concept that all successful businesses need to continuously balance and manage 8 key elements which are made up of 25 disciplines. In effect that is 25 plates to be kept spinning and 25 areas of expertise most businesses don’t have. With 68 questions to be answered instinctively and honestly in 15 - 20 minutes we believe we offer a great solution to help you review where you are, identify and solve challenges, and assist you in taking your business up to the next level. 

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